A simplified way to handle UI interfaces.
A fully commented template to get you started on your very own RTS
A collection of useful code files.
A simple Story mode demo of Pondera.
Version 2.1 is getting an entire overhaul. Soon I'll be able to release this as a full standalone library for public …
Quick little tutorial
I prefer typing to clicking.
Ahoy Folks! I just released a major update of my DMM Suite library. In case you've never used the DMM Suite, this is …
The OFFICIAL Source Code to TWC by RagnarokHGM
The source code to the original Charmed Rebirth game by Hawkbane.
The source code to the original Charmed Online.
Operator overloading! And some other things too!
Easy, minimal impact event watchers
AutotileLib just saw its first update since the summer to match up with my private version of the library. The …
A Vector datum library with overloaded operators
EffectLib has been seeing extensive modification in the last several days thanks to my own private experiments behind …
Listing: Mob: cooldowns var cooldown_preserve var save_worldtime var save_realtime var getCooldown() getCooldowns() …
Thanks to work in the background on EffectLib and CooldownLib, some of my private changes have been made public …
Windows that appear as a heads-up display, with on-screen text. Perfect for RPGs, games with a story component, and any …
Free little sprite sheet of some furniture.
Bug fix: Improved handling of mob collisions!
Movement patterns for non-player mobs! Mobs can have "fixed", "random", or "custom" movement!
Simple library to scale your bounds.
Smooth, beautiful tile-based movement. Perfect for classic RPGs. Includes a variable for an alternate speed when …
More old buttons, a bit more random this time.
Automatically enters full screen when logging in, and allows toggling full screen using Escape or F4.
My life's work, 100% free.
Inventory appears as a heads-up display, with the selected item equipped for use. Includes variables for inventory …
Overall, this is a fairly minor set of changes. They've been sitting on my PC for more than a year, so a few days ago I …
2D vector datum for positions and offsets.
Adds a function that allows you to clean and sanitize text.
The ability to easily create clickable html/text links in-game to call functions.
The ability to call a function over a period of time continuously.
atan2(x, y)
hypot(x, y)
Periodically update objects for real-time effects.
A custom html/css popup via browse()
Pixel movement that navigates through gaps and around corners. Also combines cardinal key presses into diagonal …
Move by holding right-click.
Track the state of the mouse buttons.
Track buttons using the Any Macro.
Get the position of the mouse in the screen or the world.
Get the absolute pixel coordinates of atoms on the map.
Basically spun off a project Bandock was doing. This is just the "easy" to use music-maker that'll convert notes, …
This is a short and sweet Guitar Hero ripoff with no sound.
A simple but powerful way to handle a HUD system.
Extremely customizable map-aware tooltips
Generate a cool water effect (32x32)
Use your mouse wheel/pinch to zoom in using animate() instead of editing the interface icon size!
X_Minimap has been Updated for public use. Its so much easier to use and position thanks to the new TILE_BOUND …
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