Dragonball Z Immortals Reborn

by Combing
Dragonball Z Immortals Reborn
Welcome to Immortal Legends.
Welcome! Please enjoy your time here.

This game was created by Sidtan and Unknown. The forum will be up shortly. We need a coder and a 24/7 host currently.

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Hoster: - Jakx
Iconer: - Sidtan
GFX: - Unknown
Mapper: - Sidtan/Unknown
Coder: - Tenkichi.
HUB Design - Unknown
Forum Design - Unknown

We are currently in version 1, we will be updating as much as we can.

Updates to come : -
Scoreboard (done)
A new Race Ascended Human(In progress)
Marrage/ Divorce (In progress)
Tourny System (done)
Edit Verb fixed (done)
Afk Verb added (done)
Incrase Leveling speed slightly(done)
Decrease Dual Train gain slowly(done)
Lower Tp gain slightly(done)
Increase Zenni Gain from Mobs(done)

There are more features being added at all times So stay Tuned In game to see them!

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