Bleach Konpaku Kyo

by DarkKabuto
Bleach Konpaku Kyo
A well developed roleplaying game with many built-in engines and a well moderated community.

Game Features:

*One of BYOND's most complex AI systems.
*3 Human Villages and subclasses.
*A Huge 1000X1000 Earth Map to explore, With 3 diffrent villages.
*Jail system, Mute, bans, Elder/captain control - GM watchdogs!
*Day And Night, Hunger and Illness system that will further
encourage Role-play.
*An all new Zodiac system, first on BYOND, giving off different
stat and bonuses!
*A unique battle, training and death system, no one is ever the same!
*24/7 Hosting with frequent updates.

System Requirements
Before installing BKK on your CPU, please check to see if the requirements are met.
1 Brain
Knowledge of Grammar
Role-Play Level 3 or More
Ability to Not Beg People for GM
Ability to Help Others in Need
Ability to Keep In Character at all Times
Ability to Not Ask Questions Answered in the Help File

(If you are not completely satisfied with the product, please post a complaint in the forum, and you
will receive a refund, of the complete $0.00 you have paid! You may
leave the game without spams, and that's right, no question asked, but
receive, the total, zero dollar, zero cents, money back!)
By installing this game onto your Brainputer, you agree to the following terms of service. Note also that
reproducing this guide without consent can lead to serious consequences!

1) BKK is not guaranteed effective without Nicotine.
2) In no account will you rip, troll, flame or spam us.
3) You agree to role-play always.
You are guaranteed the following perks for playing!
1) And, if you play now, receive a "Hi, welcome to BKK ." COMPLETELY FREE!
Not only that, we are in such a mood, we will also give you a FREE LOGIN PAGE!

Make Sure you have the lates BYOND Version and Build!


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