Apologies for how very very inactive I am currently, quite a lot of things to do before school begins. Thusly, I have found the time to do anything related to BYOND very rarely.

However, I have had plans for a sequel Riverside, which if I finish it off, will be post apocalyptic Steam-punk for the setting. The reason I'm not updating Riverside and instead making a new game is due to rather big additions and changes which change it quite a bit, and to allow me to work into another setting; the medieval setting had somewhat began to bore me. I haven't quite worked on it yet, so I cannot say when the base of it will be done.

I have barely gotten around to making icons either; I have only really made five icons, all of them shown here, they may not be final:

I will post more entries about it of course, hopefully every time I make any major progress. Which I cannot say when that will happen.