Just an old single player project which I recently decided to work on a bit, uploaded game files if you feel like trying it.

The game itself is a rogue-like, with 16x16 eight-bit graphics; made to be played with keyboard controls.

You start in a small town area, which has shop keepers which sell potions or you can sell items to, a mage, who currently does nothing; but will, in the future, allow you to buy magic, and then swap between types. Then, to the right of that area, is a room with a door, the door is an entrance to a dungeon, which has a single floor so far. In the dungeon you can find slimes, which are rather easy, which you can level up from fighting monsters. You can also finds chests, which either have a specific item in them or a random item. The chests and monsters re-spawn when you leave the dungeon then enter again.

Anyway, the link to the host files; you can find them on here or just click this link.

I would really, really appreciate any comments you have on it, and criticisms would be great, as long as they're constructive.