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Wage all-out war to defend your faction's territory!
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Warforge is now live to play and will be updated until everything is done that needs to be.
You're welcome to drop in on us and see what's happening, play a few matches, and hopefully invite your friends to play as well!

Currently, Warforge needs tools to be completed and then various things regarding the chat being moved to map-only as opposed to popup inputs.
Neato! Jolly good game sir.
I'm amused. The abbreviation for this game is "WF". ;)

I have quite a few criticisms for this game:
- There needs to be more "juice". This is pretty much like positive or negative feedback to the player when the player interacts with the game world, like a visual or audio indication that you hit an enemy (blood is not enough) or got hit by an enemy or an audio indication when you or the enemy takes a control point.

- Poor firefight mechanics. As it is, firefights are not very exciting. There's a very small skill ceiling in this regards too: you literally just circle strafe and spray. There's no incentive to burst your shots and there's no incentive to not engage the opponent (like if the range/terrain did not favor you, which is common in other shooter games).

- Poor spawning mechanics. It's never fun when you're unable to spawn or when you get spawn camped (I was the one doing this to the other team.); I don't agree with how loadouts cannot be free unless it has no firearms. The reason why people play shooters is so they can shoot people. It's fine to introduce mechanics that encourage intelligent or skillful play, but don't introduce gameplay mechanics that flat-out obstruct a player's ability to do so.
Once again, Oasis makes another great game!
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Kumorii wrote:
Once again, Oasis makes another great game!

He pushes them out quite quickly :D also can't wait for Polius (think I spelt it right)
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Thanks Darke. That wasn't intentional, by the way. ;)

-I do plan on adding more effects to the game, especially in the sound department. As it stands, all guns sound the same, which is quite bland. And I have yet to make the blood-stain directional hit-markers, so that'll come soon.

-That may change when I upload my current version on my desktop, which'd make spraying your whole magazine very risky unless in close quarters due to the maximum "spreads" being increased to larger amounts. I also plan on adding in cover, fairly easy mechanic that can turn the tides of battles and make explosives more potent.

-Spawning mechanics do need to change, probably by making enemy bases defended by turrets, which was my original idea. I recognize how not-fun it is to wait for money to spawn, so I plan on adding a "minimum cash" type of thing, basically if you die and you have less than this amount it boosts you to this amount (without modifying your score) so you can buy a loadout. This amount will probably be about $500.
fix saves and gimme back my crappy famas
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Actually, saves have been working lately after I removed a few things that it had to save. So I'm wondering if that actually fixed it.

Your FAMAS'll be crappier than ever, so you'll be happy to have it back! (:
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Glad to hear. I haven't been able to play all day; hitting Loadout or Join Match sent me to the blank screen and my score was wiped, so.

I had a x-bow, too. I was so done with ballistic knife.
Hmm so can i assume this one is just on the back burners for bit? ... Otherwise, well, it'll just have to be added to my list as another good looking game that i managed to miss out on :/. Damn timing.

Btw as a sidenote, to avoid having two post a message to you across three different forums.. >.< - is the 'secret project' you referred to in the polis thread (in a reply to someone's question on it's status) different to the new Alchemist or Alchemist 2.0 game that you're working on atm?