What an age old battle eh? This was being put in magazines way before the release of Sony PSP but I got so ticked off when my friends started saying they prefer Nintendo DS. So I thought, let's have discussion!

In my oppinon, Sony PSP looks better by miles and I love the graphics. When the Nintendo DS was first released, I was one of those who brought it immediately. Where is it now? Only God knows...seriously, Nintendo DS sucked in the beginning. The launch and release of Sony PSP was massive with the response, hell they sold well over 2 million in the first month even though I'm not sure of the exact figures.

Even though, it seems Nintendo DS is actually making a comeback with the fact that it's moving on from fun children's games such as Mario to action games such as Metroid Prime Hunter [Which was due nearby the time of Nintendo DSs release anyway...] and even Pro Evolution!!! Even so, I still myself personally believe PSP is ahead.

Anyway, as I stated this was a open discussion. Include your ideas in the comment area and they'll be posted here for arguments and debates on what you think is the best! I'll give this a week to progress...peace!

PS: Only sensible comments!

Update - The Nintendo DS Lite:

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Trauma Center: Under The Knife, DS wins.

But ya, I really don't give a damn how sleek a system looks from the outside, this isn't a dildo I like to show off or something. Also, graphics shmphics, companies should focus on game play before ever worrying about the size of their polygons. Now I do admit I am a slight graphics whore in that I need some types of graphics, any graphics (by this I mean I can't stand text-based games), but even 8-bit graphic games will placate me.
Age old battle? Weren't they both released in the past year?
Sega and Nintendo go waaaaay back.
The Nintendo DS has been outselling the PSP from the launch, and now. Oh, and you should post a pic of a Nintendo DS lite, instead of/as well as the Nintendo DS.

Apparantly the DS is some kind of cult icon in Japan, with loads of demand for it. Also, I agree with CyberHound.

Graphics, especially on a handheld console of limited power, should be representative, or satisfactorily appeasing (for a certain style, for instance)- the PSP sacrificed everything for graphics (and power) and suffers for it!
Developers seem intent on making home-console style games for the handheld PSP, because this is how the PSP has been designed. However, it is absurd- a handheld cannot and should not be used for the same functionality as a home console!
Someone linked me to a very harsh burn/review of the PSP. If I can get the link again, I'll share it here.
Yeah the Sony PSP sucks balls right now.
This sort of thing gets people killed, you know?

Just playing. Regardless, I believe it's all up to personal preference. Different strokes for different folks, you know? I, personally, prefer the DS. I know tons of people that prefer the PSP.

In two more years our DS and PSP will be underneath the bed with our Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance...
What is pro evolution?

PSP sodl 2 million in the first month? source plz
The PSP has better games, that's all i look at.

Hahaaa cant stop laughin at the post elation gave XD
SSJdbzname u say Psp has better games o_o' wow you need to wake up.
Whoa FD, don't insult the man because he found one whole game good enough to mention in a post about the PSP having better games. I mean, just because he only mentioned one doesn't mean that the other two or three amazing PSP games aren't worth mentioning!
As of right now I like PSP much better because they have more games that I like on there then the DS, I also have a DS and it is O.K. but it gets boring after a while. The only games I am looking forward to play for DS is Metroid Prime and Earthbound.

->Calus CoRPS<-
If the PSP is doing so well, then how come the media that its games are stored on is failing miserably?
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Hold on a minute. You mean to say that there's an EARTHBOUND game coming out soon?
Oh, Garthor, did you hear? Sony's coming out with a new device that allows you to watch PSP movies on your television set!

It's just like a DVD player but is only for the PSP format.
I don't care about the UMD movies, Garthor.

All i care about is the games which the PSP has satisfied me so far, if you don't like my opnion then you can shove it up your ass to make yourself feel better(To FD).
PSP eats up more battery. PSP is much much more flexible than the Nintendo DS, I have a friend that has a port of Quake II(includes wireless multiplayer) on his PSP.

The touch screen of the Nintendo DS allows for more innovative games than what the PSP allows for(good handheld console graphics not included). Nintendo DS doesn't eat up batteries quickly.

To sum it up...
PSP is more of a powerhouse, while the DS is more innovative. Pretty squared off if you ask me. Like the Radeon X1800 against the Geforce 7800. Last time I checked, X1800 provides better image quality while the 7800 runs faster(Faster as in Maximum Frames per second. Not average framerate.)

However, for me, it's the N-Gage. Why? The Elderscrolls Travels: Shadowkey. It's like Morrowind, except different setting, crappier graphics, mobile, and multiplayer! If only I had the money to buy one of these.
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