Now that I think about it, Sony PSP vs. Nintendo DS has alot of similarities to the old Sega Game Gear vs. Nintendo Game Boy

Game Gear
- Color 16-bit graphics
- Ate up batteries like a bitch
- Meant to be a portable verison of Sega Genesis

Game Boy
- Black and White graphics
- Battery life lasted 2-3x as long as GG
- Meant to be it's own system
There is no competition. PSP is just a trashy system.

Yes it had a successful launch sales wise, but the games SUCKED, and unlike the DS, it didn't do much in the way of improving its games. The best it has are Lumines and Daxter, and those along with the MGA games are the only ones on it orth checking out.

DS, on the other hand, had an equal start and grew phenomonally well. Mario Kart DS, Castlevania DS, Meteos, Animal Crossing, Phoenix Wright, Trauma Center, and Advance Wars are all must have titles for it, with a plethora of great games backing them up. DS beats PSP on everything except for graphics, which really means nothing in the end.

Furthermore, there is a high likelyness that the DS will be able to, in various ways, link up with the Nintendo Revolution, which, based on what we can see of the consoles so far, is going to be the best of them; sleek, powerful, great features, and a FAR better price(If you don't believe this, go research Nintendo launches, every Nintendo console has launched at $200, and the Revolution will likely be just as low.

The PSP has better games, that's all i look at.


Except it doesn't, and there hasn't been a good Syphon Filter in a looong time.

And Cyber, that's a very good comparison, because in comparison to the Gameboy, the Game Gear was trash, and was a failed system. Much like the PSP compared to the DS :O
I like my NDS and my PSP.
Then we move on to the next handheld, then to the other handheld, then to the next.

PSP has: This

but the DS has: that

Oh but the PSP fails in: That

So but the PSP still has: This

But the PSP sucks because of: This

No the DS sucks because of: (Insert Reason Here)

Handheld arguements are pointless.
They may be pointless, but they sure are fun. You should try it some time.
I think it is what types of games you like is what system is good for you. I like Sports games such as NBA live and Shooters such as Socom. The PSP has both of those games and they are very fun. Socom gets about over 20,000+ players for the psp online each day. If you like the types of games Nintendo makes such as Mario and Metroid then you should get a DS. To me there is no better system, it is just what type of games you like. It is stupid having these kind of topics because there is no better system, eveyone is just putting in there opinion.

->Calus CoRPS<-
PSP gets Sports and shooters.....but it can't do them worth shit :/

The controls on every one that I've played have been trash, ESPECIALLY the shooters. No right analog stick=no good shooters.
Socom controls are not bad at all. Get 5 minutes of playing with it and it is easy. Also for sports games, the NBA live game is very good, it depends on the person and if they like the sport or game series. Like I said before, it is stupid just to say a game system sucks just because you do not like sports or anything. It is you opinion.

->Calus CoRPS<-
I come back and find this? Holy shit! Well, to be honest, PSP is so not trashy. It's a good hand held console and I'm quite in love with it to be honest. Nintendo DS has kinda been outselling Sony PSP but the only reason I believe that is is because parents prefer their kids to be playing more "sensible" games than GTA etc... not to mention adults themselves seem to like using Nintendo DS just because it's simple and useful...
And because it's an outright better system.

PSP has few worthwhile games. DS has many. In the end, that's all that matters.
I dont know to many games that I would want to play on the DS, to me puzzle games are very boring so thoese are crossed out for me, and there are not to many good games left, it depends who you are!

->Calus CoRPS<-
There are what...3 or 4 puzzle games for my NDS?

Meanwhile I hae a collection of Animal Crozzing: Wild World, Advanced Wars: Dual Strike, Nintendogs: Best Friends Edition, Metoes, Metroid Prime: Hunters, Mario Cart: DS, Electroplankton, Age of Empires: The Age of Kings, Mega Man Battle Network 5, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney...

All variety of games avalible...My DS owns the few PSP titles that are worth playing...

Also, I can soon browse the internet just like PSP users, and watch TV without any download...

So then it will officially be a closed arguement.

EDIT: It's all cheeper too, a win in my book.
I think it is what types of games you like is what system is good for you.

The only reason people like the PSP is because of the freakin graphics. That's practically all people care about these day's. Meanwhile, Nintendo has much more value in gameplay, which is what really matter's. PSP's Launch title's consisted of tons of sports games and a few other crappy games. DS's Launch title's were only like, 3 or 4 games (Including the remake of Super Mario 64).

BUT, the DS still has better game's than the PSP. Here's my list of game's that own for the DS.

1. Animal Crossing Wild World
2. Mario Kart DS
3. Metroid Prime Hunters
4. Tony Hawk's American Sk8land
5. Nintendogs
6. Yoshi's Touch & Go (Play it on 2 player modes, its ownage)
7. Electroplankton
8. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
9. Mega Man Battle Network 5
10. Advanced Wars: Dual Strike

Game's that own for the PSP

1. ...
2. ...

'Nuff said.
Tko37 said:
The thing is, when I was a little kid, we didn't rely on the console, we relied on the game.

That's called being "rich".
I wannan b biased too lol.

PSP has freakin good graphics and has like a 2456million good gams man i mean haven't you heard of:

1. Infection
2. Exit
3. Syphon filter
4. Metal Gear Acid
5. Socom
6. Smackdown Vs raw
7. DBZ shin budokai

Lol u kno ican go on forever becu the PSP owns you and the only reason ppl like the DS is becuz it has touch screen at the bottim and is cheap the onlyf arguement u hav against us is the UMD movies lol u guys r fuggin dumbits i can't believe u tlk about the PSP and u havn't even played it but O u say ok ppl say it has bad games so i say: PSP suk becuz it has bad games, but O i hav one if u don't like it trade it in then cuz sony gonna own u big time8 lol.

Traiken, i would close this topic because alot of people have one-sided/biased opinions on systems and stupid ones at that. I doubt 30% of the People on this thread has even played the PSP and they say: "Games that own the PSP 0 lol." Personally being on BYOND has kinda led me to hate Nintendo fans, because they here a shred of bad news about a system and they say: "O, look the PSP doesn't hav movies nemore for their system DOWN WITH SONY(andothersystemsthtopposenintendo)!.

Here lol: Nintendo is ganna own next-gen consoles two dam righ they 0x
Whoa, Divine. Your way of typing isn't really doing wonders for your point. >_>
I agree with the neutral side. If you like whatever the hell Sony releases, good for you. If the game sucks, too bad.

Remember, it's not the system/handheld that sucks, its the games/developers that do.

I don't have a DS or PSP and I don't intend to get one. I've got my 360 to keep me occupied until the Revolution comes out. And for that one, folks, I'd rather play SSB Online with paying $300 total over paying $650 for a system I'd never really use for anything other than RPGs I'd play only once.

I'll still end up getting a PS3 eventually. ;)
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