Die Spam Die....

The sad thing is, this is spam from spam blockers. Does it really do any good? I never take any stock in it. Seems some jackass decided to use @[one of my domains].com with fake addresses to send out spam, causing me to get over 20 return "This address does not exist" or "This message has been blocked because it is spam" emails. I need to find out more about this company that is sending out this spam and see if I can sue them for the time they took from me, and the time it took to track them down and sue them.

I sent a legal threat to the owner of the domains, I stopped getting the returns, just goes to show you, a little effort can stop spam.

[exit 04/24/06]
Been spam free since that legal threat. Fight the spam!
And the mental truma you endured while suing them?
And then the time it took you for suing them?
And then the time it took you for suing them again?
And then the time it took you for suing them again? etc...

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Anyone live close and want to teach this guy a leason?
You could set up a filter to delete emails with those phrases.
Yes, but it angers me that they are using my domain name, giving my company a bad name, for thier spamming.
Yeah, it does suck, I know I'd hate it if that happened to me. Unfortunately all you can do is post a notice on your site saying that any spam appearing to originate from it actually doesn't and leave it at that. Not much else to be done about it.

Unless of course you follow that Russian dude's lead by tracking down the guy and shooting him in the head. That'd work too.
Well, I have done the tracking down, unfortunatly I don't own a gun...

I wonder if you can rent guns...
I wonder if you can rent guns...

Google says "yes". =)
I found a root email for the owner of the domain names that where listed in the spam. Shot him an email warning him that I would hold him accountable to the full extent of the law, I stopped getting any return emails.
Cool. Hope it stays that way.
Now that hes not spamming, he doesnt think he needs a lawyer. SUE HIM QUICKLY
Heh, I think I will let this one go. Only because he stopped. Also, I had no intensions on really do anything legal, too much fuss.

I am happy with the way it turned out, a little detective work and elbow grease and no more spam. Perhaps if more people fought the spam powers that be we might end this nightmare once and for all.

Fight the (spam)POWA!