Well, five hours ago I started work on a Defense game, which I quickly named Defend, and I've made it completely playable. Current features are:

Five waves, with four different types of enemies.
Fully completed shop, with repairs, barricade upgrades, weapons, and attack upgrades.
Fully eight-bit graphics and interfacing, which use the NES palette.
Keyboard controls and mouse controls, WASD or arrow keys for movement, 1 for handgun, 2 for uzi, 3 for hunting rifle, 4 for shotgun, and 5 for bazooka, if you unlocked the specific weapon.
Multiplayer compatible.
Targeting cursor.

Planning on adding before putting on hub:
Five more waves,
Help file.

Link for it is here.
Please try it and give feedback, would help a lot.
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Nice arsenal of original games.
Thanks, I strive to make original games.
Looks like there is way too much junk cluttering the screen compared to the microscopic map-screen which should contain the most game-play.
I think you should expand further on the idea along with getting a decent artist.
About ready to publish on hub- added sounds, help file, fixed a few bugs, changed some enemy stats, made it give you some money at the beginning, added a title screen, and most of all, added an endless mode, which makes random waves each time, just need to finish a few things until I make a HUB for it.

I don't worry about graphics much, I think the way I did them is alright for now.