Stop lying papoose.

Both on recent members, both have it in there favorites.

And by the way, What he said means that he bets that ALL the votes for it, JUST came in the past week, not that they were from people that joined in the past week.

You phail at reading.
HaH! Proven wrong by Lifehunter, I need to go crawl into a hole.
I doubt that we'll be supporting
rankings or reviews by non-Members.

I agree with that, but you shouldn't allow just anybody to review a game or it'll turn into another popularity contest. The reviews will need to be regulated to a certain degree to ensure that they're done properly. (absent of opinion)When the review system is implemented I suggest that any review that is opinion based should be removed or you'll end up with a bunch of opinion based flame reviews.

Either way, the change will be a big improvement from the current system. It's nice to see that BYOND continues to grow. I'm going to buy a membership finally once I set up a paypal account.
People vote on what their friends vote on.
People are bought memberships because they promised a #1 spot for a game.

How exactaly can you stop this?
Make everyons say not as equal as someone elses?
It's something that can't really be helped.

The only reason people are voting on Elations game DBZRelegr8 is because everyone thinks it's funny. That's it. I refuse to vote for it, because I believe the programmers skill earns the rank.
I frequent wiz chat but it isn't in my list, because it is incomplete. When Wizkidd0123 finishes it, then I'll consider voting for it.
It takes alot to get me to even join a game, and when I do and I'm impressed. It will recieve a vote.

There is no real way to fix the system as it is. Everyone has an equal say and that's how it should really stay.
Who really cares if a developer buys people who promise to vote it #1 a membership? It's still money to BYOND which helps bring about 4.0 quicker.
So stop fussing over it o.o
"Allegedly, Seika is near the top because the creator purchased memberships for people who promised to put it #1 in their favorites."

Maybe mildly, but the vast majority of them were just fans of the game and the creator could afford memberships for them. I'd be in the top ten with multiple games if I could afford memberships for my fans.

As for the whole ranking stuff, I think all they should do is just make sure it's "most popular games" instead of "top ranked!". People know the difference between "popular" and "best", so it's a little misleading. I don't think they should get rid of the popular ranks though; It really helps BYOND out. I just think it needs to be re-named.
So stop fussing over it o.o

I hate this. Why is it when people debate over something, some of you guys feel the need to add a line like this after your own opinions? You're fussing just as much as the next guy.
No we're not. We're fussing over their fussing =P
Heh...well, I mean that it seems like lots of people now seem to spit out what they have to say and then end it with "quit whining" or "stop fussing", etc. as if what they have to say is the end-all be-all conversation stopper.

"What I have to say trumps everybody else's opinion, now stop complaining"
There is no real way to fix the system as it is. Everyone has an equal say and that's how it should really stay.

Why is it that you think that everyone should have equal say when clearly not everyone is equal? Modern society argues that everyone is equal, yet they're unique/unequal at the same time. If everyone is special then how are they equal?

No system will be perfect, but it's something you have to re-evaluate and improve upon.
Why should a person's physical inequality determine whether or not he has the right to voice his opinion?
Did I specifically state physical inequality? How about intelligence, logic, the ability to examine things from multiple perspectives, impartiality, noble qualities, etc? Those are clearly things that not everyone has and it's not solely based on genetics; although, it does contribute to it.
I think I can summarise the debate:

Sorry. I was thinking of the brain as a physical aspect as well, but I didn't think how that would come out like that.

Where do you draw the line when it comes to making decisions on whether or not a person has permission to express his opinion? There's also the entire relativist angle, where it's arguable that complete selflessness doesn't exist. Nobody has to listen to the opinions of a less than intelligent person, but that doesn't mean he can't have the right to say it.
If you're racist, you don't have the right to express your opinion.

The person can express his or her opinion, but it doesn't mean that it's automatically equated as being equal to everyone else’s. Look at Wikipedia for instance; it's a place that appreciates "equal opinion" and in concept it does sound nice. However, if you examine Wikipedia you'll have a much different view of it. It doesn't matter how truthful, intelligent, accurate the changes you contribute to the site are because if it goes against popular opinion someone will be sure to change it. It basically gives a moron the ability to change, delete, or totally distort an article that an expert has written.

There is no "line," but we should hold ourselves to better standards and work on constantly improving on the system rather than simply saying everyone's equal. There is no absolute way of running things.
OneFishDown, it almost seems like you're disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing... I'm not quite sure what your point is. All that I'm saying is that the current system isn't perfect, and it could use some changes.

i'm saying that the system is obviously imperfect and was never (and quite possible will never be) about the quality of games. its obviously flawed, but if you're not offering a solution then who's the one disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing?
OFD has a big ass =x
Dont tell me there's been a bitchfest over DBZ relegr8. For christs sake, it's just a damn joke.
Heh, Kalzar buys memberships for people so they can add Naruto Universe to their favorite list. Kinda lame. People should decide on their own what is GOOD to add. I mean... NU ain't even out, and most likely will never be out. That goes to show, the system is indeed... corrupt.
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