I grabbed 10 random midis*, stripped away any text in the tracks and filenames that might identify them, and uploaded them here. Most are from the Nes, but a couple of Snes games because I'm a fanboooi. :'(

*Not random if you believe in predetermination.

Dragon Warrior 2 - Tenkuu

Startropics - Tenkuu

Batman - Tenkuu


Earthworm Jim - Mahn

Wizards & Warriors 2

Super Mario Bros - Tenkuu

Live a Live - Grahf

Megaman 6 - Tenkuu

Metal Gear - Mahn

I screwed up on 4 and 6 anyway. I put in the wrong number of Xs. I'll try another midi guessing game later, and be more careful this time.
DBZ Midi all of them, i never bothered listening to them. Just a guess XD
#1 is the DW2 battle music
#2 is from Startropics
#7 I think is one of the Mario game's water themes

The rest I don't know. :)
Yes, yes and yes!

3 down, 7 to go. :) When I get back to my computer I'll fill in the correct guesses alongside a screenshot.
noob =x
I know I've played whatever number four is, I just can't put my finger on it.
If all 10 aren't guessed, I'll begin to drop a hint a day for all of them.
Hey, I could do something like this so I can figure out the names of every unidentified song I have!
Ack, I should know some of these, sadly the two easy ones I knew were the dragon warrior one and the mario one.

I got a feeling 10 might be zero wing ? I dunno. I think I'm going to kick myself when the others are revealed.
Nope. :)
Damnit! I should know these. I think I reconise some of them but then its nintendo, I though some might be phantasy star 1.
#9 is from Megaman 6
#4 sounds similar to the ship song from FF X2...
I could have named the DW2 one and the mario bros one.

I unfortunately haven't played any NES games other than the DW games in the past while, or fortunately since the DW games are by far my favourite.

Some of those midis sound so damn familiar.
Tenkuu strikes again with Megaman 6!
Number 5 reminds me of Moo moo farm from Mario Kart 64. It isn't that, but still. :P
Hints added to the remaining midis. After that, I'll give the next one by filling in a letter that people request.
Number 8 - Live A Live

The name jumps out at me although the midi seems unfamiliar.
Ding! I wasn't expecting someone to nail that one. (It's the boss theme)
Now I remember... #3 is from Batman 1 on the NES. :) I used to play the game all the time but I could never finish it. :\
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