Cowed Survival

by Dutch3d
Cowed Survival
What if 'Cowed' and 'Archipelago Remastered' come together?
That's a question I asked myself.
And here are the results!

Before you gonna play:

- Please roleplay (although you can't name your character yet, so think of one and use it in your RP)
- Press the help tab (at the topbar) for a quick guide (credits to the old archipelago staff)
- 32x32 looks better (try it)
- It's also fun to play alone
- Have fun!

Also I'm not responsible for the hosting of this game. Hosting files are avaible, but I will NEVER host this game myself or hire someone to do this for me. This as respect towards the Cowed community.
wish the guides were still available.
List of recipes and a map?