by Kisioj
Play as one of six different character types and try to live long and prosper in this popular multiplayer city.
This game is meant to be played multiplayer. Yes, you can play it solo, but it is most fun when played as multiplayer.

We are looking for pixel artist, if you are interested, write me at [email protected] with mail's topic starting with word "BYOND" - else my spam filter won't let me see it.

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<!-- Known bugs:
* when someone kill you, then your healthbar isn't being redrawed
* if you are laptop user, you cannot shoot
* you should be able to turn off/ lower / higher music and sound effects
Why isn't there a link to play this or a download :/ ? I have to wait on a waiting list ?
well Idk what to say
wonder if that Garage glitch is still around that OFD never fixed
In response to Ss4gogeta0
Well, I don't think there is any garage bug since this I game is not written by OFD but all by me, but feel free to check ;) I made everything to look and work exacly the same way as OFD did :) I have updates in plans, but don't have many ideas, so if you have any then feel free to post them here.
gangs... besides yakuza and such...

newer midis... (keeping grabbag)

maybe npcs

PIT maneuvers,faster walking movement(run?), request backup update that gives the route to the fellow officer. Just a few ideas.