by Mechanos7
The arcade game
Keywords: defend, mechanos7, snake
Been inactive for quite a lot of time- I'm aware, however, I've finished a project-

Click to go to it's hub

Started it this morning- finished it just a few minutes ago, has pausing, a length system which works perfectly, a power up which decreases your speed, another that decreases your length, achievements, score board, and uses interfacing.

Anyway, on the topic of my other projects, my main laptop's screen messed up thus I haven't been able to use it to work on anything; however, Defend will be done and published as soon as I get it working again.
Very nice game, it kills time xD. Added to my favorites.
Mechanos. I'd be willing to do some quick interface work for you if your interested. I think I can tidy up all your windows into a single one and give the project back. No credit needed or anything else.

Let me know...
I hate you Mechanos! LOL This game is to friggin addicting >.< You're gonna ruin my entire life >:( I seriously sat here this morning playing snake OVER and OVER and OVER!

All those arcade days in my youth rushed back to me and i'm addicted again :( (Lucky your game doesn't cost quarters tho or i'd be a poor woman :P)

In all seriousness you did a good job porting it too byond i like the retro feel to it :) +Yea