Final Fantasy VII

by Jake-green
Final Fantasy VII


Please note that this game is in testing stages but is always improving!

by Jake-green.

I have decided to start the game again, due to me losing most of my work.

The next update should include :


A moving train that travels around midgar

Some work on Wutai

I will also be needing ideas for the first Arc, So if you have any ideas, put them in the Comments or Email me.

Im back, and their seems to be a lot of work to do...

Contact: [email protected]

needs a quick quide, and obviously a forum
Have you ever heard of the word TESTING STAGES? the creator is obviously working as hard as they can.
I just apprectiate the FFVII game being made whether its done or not x.x
Id like a Roleplay and turnedbased battle system, Makes it more fun
I would also be needing help in the iconning area, so if anyone would like to help comment here. Also if there is anyone out there that can make banners, i would be grateful if you could make me one for the hub
Just to let you all know, the game being hosted now is not the most up to date, it will be updated soon.
well hurry it the hell up i wanna play lol that game looks like its got alot of potential and btw i want turn based
well i can help icon wat do u need
I need help with the wutai icons, im not too great with that stuff
so stuff like yuffie and such ok ummmm il c wat i can do may have a small problem with that in finding sprites
I ment stuff more like the buildings and turfs, but i will probably have some of the main characters in key locations too
lol ok that 1 wat u should do since most of the wutai area is buildings torches and bushes then u wont have much of a problem
ok u should at least put the most up to date part of the game up to keep us entertained
An update has been done, im sure you will notice the differences
good good lol i better be able to fight though lol
omg no fighting and no hair hurry up!!! lol
Fighting wont be for a while yet, but hair should be one of the next things
fighting needs to hurry up i want that hair and all kinds of things
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