by Mechanos7
A 8-bit defense shooter.
I managed to retrieve all my projects today, and thus I have published Defend, my defense shooter I've written about a few posts ago.

I enjoy playing Defend- something I don't manage to commonly do with my own projects, which makes it stand out for me. It has some flaws, however, I'll work them out over time, such as redoing the help-file, and possible edits to the interface.

I'm going to add medals and scores next, though I might wait to see if anyone finds bugs to fix in the next update.
Congrats can't wait to play it. This is my smartphone. ._.

Btw, I was first to fan it! ;)
Thanks, how did you manage to do it that fast? Ahaha.

Also, just fixed a pretty bad bug that I had forgotten about that made the world crash every time you killed an enemy- updated the host files however.
I was browsing the submitted games as I occasionally do to see what is coming out and who failed at trying to rip another naruto/dbz game. Lol
runtime error: Cannot read null.type
proc name: Enter (/turf/barricade/Enter)
usr: null
src: the barricade (12,1,1) (/turf/barricade)
call stack:
the barricade (12,1,1) (/turf/barricade): Enter(null)

the target thingy/cross hair or whatever you call it disappeared after that.
Ah, thanks, I'll look into it.