Finished updates to Defend and Floramancer-

Floramancer V 1.5

-Made screen resize-able, stretches icons along with it, not pretty, but works if you want a bigger screen.
-Fixed multiple bugs, which should make the game winnable.

Defend V .7.1

-Changed hub password, be sure to update if you want to host
-Made chat re-sizable and added an input under the output
-Added Host button
-Added medals and a wave score, will change it to be a score for endless only in a bit.
-Added Show Chat button
-Removed Auto-cap from the chat
-Made the usernames in the chat blue to break up the lines
-Added logout message

Also, I'll be hosting defend for most the day- feel free to join.
I really like Floramancer, very interesting concept. I ran into a bug though. On the first water level the guards on the boats can pick up the keys. This forces me to restart the game every time.