Bandock wrote:
There is one thing to take note. It is indeed possible to create a game that is anime-based or anime-like without needing any show. Look at Bid for Power when they switched from DBZ to something original (though still same gameplay with different abilities and characters).

It can be difficult to make an original anime/manga style game though if you currently lack any ideas of how to work on it. Now, I once was working on a parody mod (for a few different games like Quake 1, Quake 3, Doom 2, and maybe a few others) as well as a few parody games. Character and abilities of course were different as well as a couple other things. Powerlevel and KI might be only a few elements that take from DBZ since nobody can steal those. I'm certainly sure companies (including FUNimation) will still those though much like the trademark crazies.

Powerlevels can be found in other shows as well, though not in the same exact way. KI usually deals with energy or lifeforce in Japanese (been a while since I've checked up on that information) and is found in different shows.

Remember folks, they can't stop you from making parodies or even original anime/manga games. That is all I have to say.

Edit: I do feel bad for some who charge nothing for their games and worked hard on them. For that reason, I could bring the same parody into BYOND some time.
Ki is the Japanese romaji of chi, which is evidentially just "qi". It consists of shouki, youki and genki (Hence the Genki-dama/Spirit Bomb). Power levels are merely a numerical reading of this "chi". It'd be relevantly easy to come up with a different concept using similar aspects as many series do.

Yeah, I actually once thought about using a new system to replace powerlevels overall similar to what a very few DBZ games on BYOND implemented. However, that depends on what I do of course.
PerfectGoku wrote:
Power levels are merely a numerical reading of this "chi".

Assigning a numerical value to chi would be like saying person A has more soul than person B. It's a unique creation of the DragonBall series.
Ignore them.

Byond itself doesn't break any laws, they're just providing the infrastructure.

Developers must be on their own risk.These big companies wont waste their time and money suing kids with small games. They have bigger fish to fry. If they have the time to sue all 24 devs(from god knows where) averaging 20 people a game...Well just imagine it, that would quite be shocking, wont it? Because the thought of that truly is, ridiculous.

Source: Why is pirate bay still running? index?qid=20090418094305AAMGmRZ
SuperAntx wrote:
PerfectGoku wrote:
Power levels are merely a numerical reading of this "chi".

Assigning a numerical value to chi would be like saying person A has more soul than person B. It's a unique creation of the DragonBall series.
It's pretty much a numerical reading of their spiritual energy that's "showing", which is their chi. I emphasize on this because there's a reason scouters were disregarded by Trunks. So you're right to a degree. My saying here is that there are similar systems that can be created while at the same time being original, as I've seen in a few manga series.

nay 100%
SuperAntx wrote:
Forum_account wrote:
Why would it be difficult to make that game original? I've always wondered why people didn't make original anime games in the first place - you're 90% of the way there.

That would defeat the entire purpose of making an anime game.

For some people, you're right. The people who put the dbz theme first (ahead of gameplay) are outraged. They think they've put a lot of work into game development, and they have put in a lot of effort, but their effort was put towards tv show copying, not game development. The people who understand that gameplay comes first (ex: Bandock seems to understand this) realize that the dbz theme can easily be removed.

This isn't much different from coding something poorly to later realize that you need to redo it. Sometimes that's an honest mistake, but in this case (making a fan game) you knew you were cutting corners, so don't expect any sympathy (especially if you're now hesitant to correct the mistake!)
Forum_account wrote:
Gakumerasara wrote:
The part that takes forever is getting rid of the related game elements (why bother keeping FF concepts/themes/elements in something that is no longer an FF game?)

This is exactly what I'm talking about when I say that developers neglect gameplay - instead of making something good and fun, you just copied something else. If calling your beam attack "beam attack" instead of what its called in dbz ruins the game, then the beam attack wasnt a good gameplay feature, it was only good because of the dbz theme. It might take a lot of work to make the game fun, but if you just want to make the game no longer infringe in the dbz IP these kinds of changes aren't necessary.

I'd say this is a mischaracterization, at least if I understand you correctly. For example, FFO restricted players to choosing one of the 6 classes from FF1 specifically because it was an "FF" game. Now that the game is no longer constrained by the FF universe, classes have been dropped entirely. This sort of change effects every aspect of a game. This is just one specific example; there are dozens of similar game aspects that have been modified for similar reasons, not because of IP but because they are no longer relevant to a non-FF game. So no, I disagree, something can be a good gameplay feature in one game and still be out of place in another.
Hey guys, want to know a secret? [spoiler]I made an anime game[/spoiler] (BYOND needs spoilers).

Actually, I did but I didn't.
This game is basically Pokemon. The concept is the same as Pokemon, and the gameplay is very similar.
However, it's not Pokemon. It does not break any laws, no one can do anything to it, and if I want, I could sell it to make profit (since I made the entire game myself).

Why you ask? Because I am the law, or I actually know the law.
You cannot copyright, trade mark, or claim sole ownership of an idea or concept. I didn't use Pokemons copyrighted material, I just used the same concepts and ideas.

Maybe you guys should start doing the same thing?
Instead of making your Dragon Ballz you should make something like Lizard Cube Y. Or something like that.
Just use a similar concept to DBZ, but don't actually use anything from DBZ, and you're in the clear and can make your game. view_article.asp?name=../articles/ 8123-JC-Can-Copyright-Protect-My-Idea.htm
Link related. Because someone is going to say "HURR YOU CAN COPYRIGHT ANNNYTHING".
Why are people going on about legal jibberish like they understand the law, Ever hear of the coffee being too hot?
Because some of us do, "Frieza".
Lol then you woke up... You do not know the law the law is different in every country anyway my point being if you understood "the coffee being to hot" reference... this is rediculus
FUNimation exercising their legal rights "that we clearly have no idea about" is "totally" ridiculous.
It's people like you that think they know it all but lack common sense, not saying in this matter i disagree with you but don't pretend to know the law because the law it stupid, but this is why this crap happens
As much as I dislike the games, I wish they didn't go. I don't know all the statistics of BYOND, but I do know that several members of the site are anime-players. This could drastically cut revenue from BYOND - unsure yet. However, it might get BYOND that much closer to being seen as a positive site around the net. Original games might now have their chance.
I agree with you there, this could ultimatly be a good thing in the long run only time will tell
Frieza111 wrote:
It's people like you that think they know it all but lack common sense, not saying in this matter i disagree with you but don't pretend to know the law because the law it stupid
You're either just ignorant or trolling. You haven't backed up a single thing you've stated.
What do I need to back up here? I'm agreeing with you... but are you gonna tell me the law is fine and upstanding and does not lack common sense?
Omg Another epic battle between 'Goku' And 'Frieza', ZOMGLMAO...

Sorry for this 'special' post.
Anyone who thinks they know the law is in for a big surprise.
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