Naruto: The Gutsy Ninja

by Buck1995
Naruto: The Gutsy Ninja
This Is A Naruto Game Based On The Naruto World. This Game Consists Of Awesome Gameplay, And Mult-Player Action Unlike No Other Game! So Come Take A Look!
get off ur ass buck and host we wanna play or give the hosting files to some one that will
Hello All If You Want to play the New NNG based game Come Join US!! 981014.NarutoNewGeneration?tab=index

New Fun Is It IS Your Destiny!
Over 120 Fans!
Come and Play!
NNG:Naruto Next Generation Has Changed to
Naruto New Generation ALL!
Can't wait to play! :D

I, Kimmy Uchiha, will be HOKAGE!! :D :D :D
this is dead
This game looks awesome when u planning to lauch it? If u need help with host i can do 24/7, mail me [email protected]
i wish it was online it looks op
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