Naruto Destiny Of Life

by Simon Hawk
When is the release? Can i help you??
*Dickrides* Man i'm not a dickrider.I been with yall since the beginning.Back on moomoo I use to always be like GOOOO SIMON or SHIMA you so pro i'm glad you beat me in the semi-finals for itachi.SO PRO.So how about showing alittle love and throwing me itachi or pein./end Dickride

Alright good luck on your game.Prolly won't be on till night time when theres only a few players on.

Ps:Inb4niggaslikecontrolit actually take the first part seriously and copy and paste this on moomoo .-.
... .... ...
Oh god please tell me this isn't gonna be a hub for all the people banned from all the other side-scrollers.
Probably,wait aren't you one of those players .-.
Well, no. See, I meant the ones who got banned for breaking the rules.

I got banned because I kept trolling Ashley for too long and she got angry. Er.
lol i got banned for «betraying» ashley in duel monsters expert
I'm pretty sure she's bat-crap craycray.
And not the good kind.
you could say she's gone looney-tunes.
I could but I'm not a twelve-year-old.
I think this a new start for everyone.

.-. You sound like an abooser.
lol I got banned on moo moo because I asked for help too many times on the pokemon game
In response to El_Sid
Abooser? Are you crazy?