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dude do you hate me no pokemon versus my charater is gone
Our game crashed once and every turf and icon in it got deleted we had to Pwipe. But that was our last Pwipe we arnt gonna have anymore so you are free to come and play. Anything you lost i will restore it for you.
Aww HaIiiii Light :3
Lol Kage again went MIA on me XD
Yo when is digimon legends going to come online?
We fixed the massive random lagg.. Now we are updating adding different maps and new things.
So how long would it take for you guys to release the game? This week? After the summer holidays? Any prediction? And how many people played your game on the test run?
Here's the fan view of what you guys can fix and change in the next update,

Allow Npc digimons to attack back

When a Digimon Digivolves it covers up half of the character while walking

Change the Black background, Too Dark

Change the font colour, Blends in with the Dark Background colour

Allow users to maximise the program,

Make chat box bigger, So all the writing can be viewed

Make the screen bigger so There are less paces in the program or add a chat box or something which would take the free space

More Digimons needed for users to choose

Less identicle characters (Otional but it'll be really great if you could add more options for characters)

Some turfs hide the character and the digimons, Becomes an overlay instead of underlay

That is all for now, i'll need to play more to get the rest =)


P.s. The game looks Epic so far, great job
Alright thanks we'll work on them. And about the release date , id say maybe less than a week.
Heres a few suggestions,
Background colour blue'ish white (not too dark so the fonts are noticable),
Font colour black depending on background colour,
Replace the free spaces below the screen by adding levels and stats of the selected digimon along with the images so users don't have to double click their digimon,
More verbs in the command box,
Move the screen to the left instead of the right and the text such as chat/command box to the right (layout same throughout all byond games also makes the game neat and more organised)

Hope this helps.

Add npc digimons drop eggs same as digimon savers and a machine that hatches the eggs after a certain feed. (This is why digimon savers is fun and attracts new players) By this the users wont get bored of the game, they'll have something to do while leveling or hunting, if they want to change their digimon they could hatch a egg, exactly same as digimon savers.
Yes iv been looking for something else besides killing and leveling up.. Thanks for the ideas , youve been of great help.
When is this game going to be online, its friday! Nearly end of the week.
Lmao, I dont know what to tell you.. Due to the lack of motivation the game's release date has been extended >.<
What do you mean? So september new date or earlier? Or why don't you guys just release the game and then keep on adding the updates?
Good idea , let me speak to Demon about this.
Oh ok, let me know what demon says, and if your taking in suggestions i got one which would also suit the game,

Allow players to trade digimons. And also as bash is saying the egg hatch thing that is in digimon savers, why not also add a special attribute of the digimons when they get like 5/5 it becomes more powerful like in digimon savers where the attribute becomes heavy attacker and 130%, which makes the digimon stronger than others.
If you played digimon savers you'll know what i mean.
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