Naruto, Burning Vengence

by InFaMouSxX-
Naruto, Burning Vengence
The real version will be out next year but for now im putting up an old Nb Rip.

1. Have Fun.
2. No Spamming.
3. Respect.
4. No Advertising.
5. No Spawn Killing.
6. No Giving Free Ranks.
I would like to give special thanks to Kdfd123for all the help with the creation of this naruto game... If it wasnt for this guy id be lost xD.

Will be out soon just trying to fix bugs and take things out that cause lag.
Hmm have no idea what the game looks like but sounds interesting.
game fix yet?
Nice game bro
Its Back :D
It'd be nice if I could be back when IT's online.. I'm sure you remember me ;)