Artistic Imagination online

by TheDarkChakra
Sers000: Programmer,iconner


The game is easy to play, randomly a player will be given a word, and he has to explain the word using drawings so that the other people can guess. If you were the first to guess correctly, u get 10 points, the 2nd to guess gets 9, the 3rd gets 8 and so on.. The Time Limit is 2 minutes.

When you want to figure out a word, you have to type it without any other unnecessary letter or word, don't mind case sensitivity.
for example: a word was given to the artist that is "Pencil"- in order for the player who is going to guess the word to win, he should type this "Pencil" or "pencil", instead of " i think it is Pencil", so WRITE the word ALONE.


Added Invisible Option
Added Queue

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