Just thought I'd share with you lot my picture for those of you who haven't had it...FYI: I'm black. Actually, let's tell you about a miniature story. There was actually this guy with the key "Silver Spin Slicer" and he made his own hate server towards "DuoGohan". Anyway, on this server (I'm talking about Duel Monsters Online btw) he started being racist towards "Flame Tamagashi" because he didn't realise that I myself am black.

It was quite interesting, at this point I was talking to Flame Tamagashi on MSN so to be honest, it became some kind of bizzare set up. Anyway, after making racial comments, I said his a racist. He replied with, "I'm a realist, not a racist". I was just Flame Tamagashi then comes back on his server using another key (SSSS by this point had pagerbanned his main key) and announced the fact that I myself was black. Yeah, SSSS wasn't exactly amused by this and pretty much closed the server. A few hours later, his banned from DMO. Anyway...back to my pictures:

Peace! BTW, I'll be starting a competition here soon!
Dude, you're black? I couldin't tell from the pictures! O_O
I hate racists. :(

BTW I'm white. Surprised? Thought not, lolol.
Race isn't anything but a border idiots use for reasons to flame.

Sure, one could say black people are thugs and white people are rockers...
But there are always the other wiggers and rockers. It isn't a "black" thing to be a thug. It isn't a "white" thing to be a person who uses propper english.

Side note: I hate phrases like "Ja heard meh?!","Know what I'm sayin?", and"Wassup my nigga?"
They show how ignorant the user is.

Nigger isn't used to describe dark skinned people anymore, by me anyway. I use it to describe the trash of our society. If you hit a woman, use a street accent, and act ignorant, you are a nigger to me.

Tell racist that they can always say that you look like shit...but they look like the sperm out of a mans dick..
Also, I hear of a lot more gay light skinned than darks.

Also, I hear of a lot more gay light skinned than darks.

Wow, you're an immature bitch. How do you talk about hating racism and then go making cracks at gays?

And by the way, just by the fact that you use the word "nigger", which is a word that describes blacks, to refer to an uncivilized piece of shit, makes you racist. You sound like an uneducated 6th grader

And look who makes flames at others.
Who's uneducated? And since when are gays a race?!
I'm a homophobe, idiot.
Yep! I use NIGGER to describe trash.
You know what I think of you? YOU'RE A NIGGER. Want another one? I like the word TRASH.

If you want to flame, I can flame.

so are homophobes.
I love you though, Art. I don't like the ones who make a big deal about it.
"I'm gay!
Wanna fuck?!"
Wow dude, you are a fucking incredible dumbass.
Who's uneducated? And since when are gays a race?!
Racial profiling can easily be compared to homophobia and other forms of bigotry.


Wow, dude, I'm very offended. (You spelled "piece" wrong.

I'm a homophobe, idiot.

Ok you're just proving you're a fucking immature idiot.
It's bigotry against something you can help, not something you were born with.
Um actually gays can convert to being straight just as esily as you or i can convert to being gay. which is pretty much impossible. You guys are fucked up, hating gays is like hating retarded people. Its fucking stupid.
Retarded people should get a life and stop sticking their retardation in my face. Gosh.
They have instiutions for retarded people though, so your argument goes out the window there. Are you saying they should have institutions for gays?

And you can't convert to the disease. You can only cure the disease

With lots of pussy.

Lots and lots of pussy


mmmmm hmmmmm
the only people that are super scared of gays and are homophobic, are those who've never had a girl, because they're insecure.
Somebody listens to Eminem.
If I wasn't, then why would i say i am?

In the paper, the news, everyday i am.
*coughs* in the 'pager' would be a little bit better.
In the pager, the forum everyday i am.
I love how you pull stereotypes out of your ass.

Actually, there are still a lot of people who don't like gays and are in relationships.
And you can't convert to the disease. You can only cure the disease

Homosexuality is a disease as much as heterosexuality is a disease.
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