Naruto: New Dawn

by Bemcint
Asellia's Naruto RP game, moved to a new hub for better exposure.

Important Notes
This is a Roleplaying Game, so please do not login and instantly assume that everything within the world you see is achievable through mechanical systems. I for one would not like to see someone log in one day and be the master of everything the next day so everything variably controlled by your village's hierarchy. (IE: Chuunin, Jounin, Anbu,and Kage-Levels)

Hub Last Updated: 2/17/2013
Naruto New Dawn is now under new management after recent changes to the life of the young Asellia. We would like to thank Asellia for passing on the source to the very capable hands of two of her oldest online friends Noimo and Bemcint. That is, before she went bitch mode and decided to try and take it back.

This is just a section to denote the staff of the game and their entailings/contributions.

Noimo - Programmer, Pixel Arist, Mapper, and Graphics Artist (Owner)

Bemcint - System Design, Roleplay Element and Event Coordinator (Co-Owner)

Special thanks to Asellia and Zane444 for their initial contributions in the making of this wonderful yet some-what rough game.
Another special thanks to the creator/owner of the Naruto Manga/Anime for inspiring all the previous and current

staff of this game, we do not own rights to any form of the Naruto Universe.
Okay, so before LordJamex gets offended about his post being deleted, I'm going to break down why he was host-banned. He logged in with a trollish name, for starters. "Jawpz Faget". NND is an RP game, and "Jawpz Faget" is obviously a name intended to incense others, and threaten the integrity of the RP environment. I changed his name to "Moe Lester" as a joke, to show him that I was capable of taking a joke, and dishing it out as well. However, after I told Noimo, our current Owner/host about Jamex's previous trolling attempts on my member page, and various posts, Noimo took it upon himself to host ban Jamex.

Following, are several screenshots of Jamex's continued trolling attempts upon me. It's really quite funny.

It was Noimo's comment about me abusing my power that made me point him in the direction of Jamex's previous trolling attempts, as well.
Wow Good job iconning the game If you need a host Add me :)
Btw Add uzumaki clan it must need that!
Let me use Uchiha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know it's only Apha, but I'd like to point out that game has the potential to become so much more. I've spent a few days sitting around, seeing how things go around. For one, to build a solid playerbase you guys need a lot more staff, anyone who claims otherwise has not experianced/played enough roleplaying games to know. There -Always- has to be a staff member around to oversee our actions. Because if there's no staff, there's no progress. The only time I see people online, is when the owner is online, after leaving the game literally dies.
UCHIHA UCHIHA UCHIHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yo! What happened to the game today? Missed RPin'...
Something happened with the shell. We're currently trying to figure out what. Don't worry, the game will be back soon. Just remember to add us to your favorites so that you don't lose track of the server.
It's weird. The guide says that they made the roleplay for the user's appeal, but all the community has done is troll me for asking simple questions for the past 2 hours. You guys really need a Admin Help function or at least tell members like Dopenaruto to stop bullying new members.
Beware You can actually get easily punished.
.> Got muted forever xD
Hope i get unmute pls :D
Reiko Hyuuga x3
<3 <3
Btw you Bemcint i think you need to add this clan :
.> lol this is all i remember , add some clan especially Those Leaf Clan

Aburame Clan , Akimichi Clan , Inuzka Clan , Sarutobi Clan , Yotsuki Clan , Yamanaka Clan , Haku Clan , Namikaze Clan

This game is Down until a new hub is made/found, so please contact me through pager or whatever means necessary until then.
The game have move to here
Come and play it now xD
Can someone tell me why I was banned? I followed a friend into this game and was trying to get the hang of it, I was creating my char backround and just finished it, and I was suddenly banned, I have no idea why I was banned and I would like an explenation.
"Haku"'s Clan is "Yuki" and don't forget the Senju Clan...that is all -Disappears like a Ninja to be never seen on this post ever again-