Ok so here is the deal well um Im a programmer and founder of BeyondWorld were we have the best programmers, In this anime Criteria , For the game we are working on we need a base size 64x64 so you pixel for us in return we program your game with out bugs.

my msn is [email protected]
1st: Hello Kwaku
2nd: I'd like to be in BeyondWorld

I'm a programmer in training, i need your help to finish my game. We're 2 iconners and 1 coder (2 if Kwaku still in) due the fact that we don't have a mapper wich is bad like really bad we're gonna hunt for iconner. I've seen your protfolios it is nice.
Ok, Sorry Kwaku for ignoring u on Pager and msn, but now im back fully on iconning, iv started going farward with project and iv managed to have it 45% done now