Box Head Online v2

by Speedro
Box Head Online v2
Box Head Online
Early Alpha Testing has begun!

There is still a lot of work needed with the graphics, and a few minor issues. Please message me if there are any issues.

Nov 10th, 2011

Planned updates for hopefully within the next week include:

-Highscore system, ranking you based on total kill count and wave reached, and perhaps highest kill streak too. This will need to be determined.

-Unlockable medals. These medals will also giving you special permanent perks within the game. For example, after traveling 10,000 tiles over the course of all your play time, unlocking something like a runner's perk, increasing run speed by 20%! There's lots of little perks like these that can be unlocked by mini-tasks preformed throughout playtime. Hopefully we'll be getting a few unlockable medals + perks out with the highscore update!

post here for ideas/opinions or volunteering to help test!
Always willing to help test :)
Awesome! I'll get back to you when the testing for multiplayer starts :)
Excellent port of the Boxhead games, but as usual, I would have preffered more original art.
my neck hurts from looking at the base. OWEE!
Kaigne wrote:
my neck hurts from looking at the base. OWEE!


Well since it is a replicate, its kind of expected.
Basic Highscore system + A few unlockable medals hopefully coming before next week.