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Hai. First.
First person that matters.
Hi. <3
How much did you charge you for this CSS? I mean there is no fucking effort here. Get your money back and get someone like Liam bro.
5$ to Hishido.
I like his Css.
Yo, Bro.
winning would you mind letting me letting me host a goa server if so can send me the host files
I dont host GOA becuase the source are usually Dirty and laggy. which laggs my servers
Please contact me urgently, i am in need of your services.
by new nff you meant
new naruto final fight?
winning please send me the hub of the nff that you send to me
Taking into consideration'
Okay then.
HOST the game but make sure its FAIR
Welcome BYOND! (4.0 Public Version 493.1117)
Logging in...connected
Logged in as ABoR.
Connecting to byond://
Banned by host:
Access denied.
can u unban me from gates please wtf.
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