Naruto Dark Erosion

by Narutodude57
Naruto Dark Erosion
Old Version of Naruto Beast, Minor updates... Hosted for Fun!
So if were all applying I'd like Head GM? And Assassin Unit leader.
At first I was like "these guys are all being so negative, let's see how bad this really is" and that's about as far as I got:

Gimme GM Lv. 9001!!
Hello I'm Retro In this Application I explain details of why i think i am qualified for Moderator.

In my own opinion i think i make a lot of qualifications of a moderator in this game.I try to promote the game as much as possible(bringing people on this server as much as possible). I am experience in most of the field i also know how to icon and am constantly trying to gain knowledge (Needs Work). I try to promote the fun at this game but also try to promote laws and order. I have been raised by two lawyers and understand NOTHING can last without order. Please Consider This Application Thank You For Your Time

game is up join and fav
let me be only host for game =D send me pm
In response to Yut Put
Hello my dear, I'm sorry to say it...but...I did :)
how can i make myself GM in this game?I have the 2.2 version
Hello my name is Chris i would like for you to take a moment out of your time so i can express to you why i would make a good gm.

i've been gms on alot of games and i never abuse my powers. im considerate to all online player i show nothing but the utmost respect to everyone. i wish to help player and in doing so help to make this game one of the best games on byond. thank you for taking the moment to read this and have a lovely day
sincerely your
chris "lockouts"
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