by Jittai
Classic dungeon-crawling!
The basics of the game are done- everything is programmed in a branching fashion so literally adding content via changing variables around is all I have to do. That and some art work and such.

I've sat down and really refined the basics of the interface and it's usability. The interface now has an options menu and a really responsive resolution and full-screen system. I say responsive because it adjusts to the largest size according to the player's monitor but remains in ratio.

Just on the interface alone I'm rather proud, avoiding the interface at all costs, even the top bar was a fun challenge.

Other than the interface a friend suggested using a DnD manual to add some creatures to the game. So I been working with some art as reference.

Slow progress. If anyone wants to help out with the art or even just ideas feel free.

My goal for the game is to pretty much make a multiplayer ADOM or ELONA, which is pretty much a multiplayer roguelike. I wanted to simplify things though so anyone could get into it.

As for game mechanics I'm not really focusing on a main background story (there is one but it's kind of not that big of a deal) instead I'd rather let the player have adventures.

The players will be able to travel across a world map to the number of towns across the continent and new randomized dungeons will occasionally appear on the open world.
I approve of this game especially since if you're going to make it kind of like Elona. Looking pretty good so far. If you're looking for some ideas then I can say that Tales of Maj'eyal would be a good place to start looking.
Someone's been flipping through their old Monster Manual for this, haven't they?
Yeah, I even got the dragons done.
Wow, I actually just now read the part when you mentioned D&D. Lol! I called that without even looking!
How am I just seeing this? It looks great! Keep it up. (:
Thanks, I'll try.