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I'd like to have a color wheel in the icon editor. I've spent quite a bit of time with that age-old pallet it uses, but a color wheel would make things much better and easier. I don't always like racking my brain or having to look up a color wheel when I forget it to see what colors go well together.

So yeah, I'd really like to see a color wheel, at least as an option, in the icon editor. I don't see any major art programs that don't have one.

While I'm on the icon editor, a customizable pallet would be wonderful. Instead of having to put the color onto the icon to have it appear in the color pallet, I'd like to be able to manually put colors in there. This also falls back onto the color wheel a bit because using custom colors on the current editor is a pain because it replaces a color on the chooser. Maybe it's just me complaining, but I really don't like that.
Pre-4.0 icon editor had a color palette. I don't remember what it looked like, but I do remember not liking the new one.
Isn't this what Colors menu -> Edit is for?
No, Colors >> Edit behaves the same as the pallet in the editor. You can't ADD colors to the pallet to use later without placing them on the icon.

This, while it is labeled "Colors in use" is what I see as a pallet.

While this:

While labeled Palette, I see as a color selector. Which it essentially is.
Bump =)

I would also like to see this and maybe a way to save your Custom Color Palette's. So you don't have to copy and paste it or remake it in a new .dmi file.
BYOND isn't a specialized art program. Why not just use an art program and import from there?

No point in reinventing the wheel. No pun intended.
Well me personally, I use the DMI Editor for about 75% of my pixel needs >_<.
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It's not like there aren't other options though.