by Scoobert
A new design for emote commands
What is Emo?
A cute creature? Not this time!
A music artist? Not this time!
A small robot? Not this time!
A weird name? Yes, but thats not all!

Emo is a new demo that allows you to make emotes in a new way. Rather than the standard out put from an emote which would be like:

Scoobert is being killed by someone with a spoon!

Now it can look like this:

Someone is killing Scoobert with a spoon!

It will also support s and 's and other endings to the name. Like:

Someone found Scoobert's spoon!

Whats the point, good question, check it out!


Added the abillity to use ckey(no spaces or special symbols) and have it disply as key(with formatting).
If you dont put your name in it, it will be taken as a regular emote and shown like most.