ALERT: This a must read! I repeat, must read! This is truely the scare of a lifetime and a massive wake up call for me, so here's pretty much the details:

Last week Tuesday, I got involved in a fight. A stupid ******** punched me on my lip with 2 massive rings right on my lip, so obviously I began to bleed. After getting pissed off, I speared the ****** into a moving car (which wasn't the smartest moves possible). The fight broke up after that.

The next day at school, I wasn't expecting any of the teachers to have figured it out since it was quite a distance from the wrong was I eh? First thing that morning, I was sent to one of the heads of the school. He knew, it was hard not to know what was in the local newspaper. All the teachers knew. Seems they found out about my spear...

Anywho, I was kept in a lobby till lunch time when I was allowed to go to the canteen. Afterwards, I stood outside the lobby since they'd put the guy I had the fight with inside the lobby. Since I didn't do much, I didn't think it was a big issue. I thought I'd be let off since he had weapons on him at the time (a knuckleduster, chains and those 2 big rings).

I was called to my headmaster's office (Sir Alan Steer - offically knighted by the Queen. His a serious man...) which alerted me. Btw, headmaster = principal. As I stood infront of me, just a few words killed me inside, "I'm excluding you permanently from this school".

Now, I've been suspended 13 times from my school and I knew the only reason I've been kept in that long was because I'm a smart kid, quite a way above average anyway. I thought I was just suspended again but when I heard those words, I believed them.

Luckily for me, to cut a long story short, they met with my mother last Friday and it seems I'm being given a final chance, I can't slip up once. I doubt I can cope, I'm one of those kids who can't help but crack a joke and disrupt lessons but it's worth a try. I think the guy I had a fight with is being let back into the school even though he used weapons but hell, I'm just glad to be back. I saw visions of me being moved to another school flash through my head.

I'm just happy my friends also did their best to get me in. They started partitions and didn't focus in any of their lessons for that entire week, talk about great mates. Some were even crying when they heard I was being excluded, well thought. Guess that's when you see who your real friends are eh?
How nice.
No... You find out who your true friend are when you go to jail.
Don't waste education its one of the best things you can get once it pasted it can never come back
Traiken: I'm curious as to if this happened out of school? Because if it did, than they are wrong for punishing you. It's the laws job then. If it did happen in school hours, you should be expelled. Espessialy if this makes for your 13th suspension.

Masterdenk: You can always get an education. Be it in a prison, school or something like TAFE
Someone's been watching too much wrestling.
Whats a headmaster?
No Smoko thats not true. Even my school works that way. If you do something out of school, you can get punished in school also. I dont care if your in another state, thats how it works, at least at my school.

EDIT: An example was a couple kids from my school got caught being drunk in public in Florida, and I live in Maryland...They were suspended.
Knifo: I'll be honest now, I'm not 100% sure of the rules. But it is at the very least morally wrong for them to punish students when the only connection between them and the school apart from being enrolled their at the time or wrong doing.
Man that is definitely complete bullshit. You should have argued your rights to self defense. What mother fuckers, trying to push shit on you when you're just trying to protect yourself. I'm mostly pissed cuz just recently I got suspended for punching some fat white pothead who came up to me and slapped me for no reason so i punched him in the stomach and shoved him into a wall and that was just it, and guess who got into trouble?? Me! wtf????
In the UK, schools have the right to take action towards students even when their actions are outside. I've seen someone been expelled for fighting at the park on a weekend.