I would like it if people who wernt registerd with BYOND could post comments on the blogs.

Like, you have a name form to fill out if you arnt logged in.
You enter a name and if it is a registerd key, it makes you log in. If not, it posts with the name.

The blog system is nice, but not being able to have my non BYOND friends post isnt. :(
That system could be abused, since if that were possible virtually anyone would be able to screw your blog comments up, and end up spamming it. If there were an option to toggle it, sure, but overall I don't think it's such a nice idea. This is supposed to be a BYOND blog, anyway. =P

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That is true, but there would be an option to disable it.

And, if they were to implement the IP ban feature someone asked about. It wouldnt really matter with abuse.
Tell your lazy friends to get keys. =P It takes about 3 minutes, and then they can just get logged in automatically on each visit and forget about it.