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Blast your friends away, trade your way to riches, and build your fame in this sandbox space game!
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Kumorii wrote:
I have to say, while I'm not very good, this is a very good game. BYOND definitely needs more games of this caliber. Well done once again, D4RK3. (:

Kumo has already stated what I just came here to post. I think this game is great. :D
So far I'm pretty impressed with the game, and I think if you continue developing it and push it around the community it could potentially get up in the player rankings and establish itself.
Darkes games always look good. This one just needs a steady community and it's good to go, IMO.
needs more hosts
Well you have a host on right now. I was going to host but there's something funky going on with something that Andromeda is using and Linux.
so when somone usually hosts?
Any news you'd like to share on the game's development plans? I figure this project will make excellent use of the new client-side animation. :)
No this game doesn't have very much use of animate(). I might be able to add some particle effects with animate(), but that's about it. For the most part, I won't be able to use the rotation functions.

Right now I'm mostly finding time and motivation. The changes I have planned for this game are very expansive and will take a long time to implement.

I will post an update if and when the update launches.
Hmm. I'm on a new laptop now, due to some issues, having to manually re-install some files and things including some Byond games/resources back onto my my computer. However i find that i can't install this anymore, is there a new issue with downloading it (i'm fairly sure it worked before), or is it just something that's been changed about the way you access the game?
Not sure if this game is single-player, multi-player, or both. Forgot how to check. But, I'll host. So many people are talking about it.

Edit: Download link is broken.
Hello, I host this game 24/7.
Fan Doniu Host:

And me here:

Also, this is hub for Doniu Host: (in alpha test, still not even read, but in future it will lunch)

If you got any questions, want something from me - PM :-}
*If somone would like to adversite my hosting - feel free to do it.
** Owner of this game/program, you have done a good job.
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