I may be a little late here, and I don't care if anyone cares. I, for one, know how Derek feels. I left for part of the same reason. I was just bored today, so I thought I'd check up to see how things were going, and I find this. Well, see ya, might talk to you again someday.
While my comment is far too late there will always be idiots on the internet, which expands to BYOND. If you have he urge to live in a society lacking idiots when I'm afraid it will simply be a dream.
when are you gonna continue making your sims game its kinda need more updates my sis likes it
im making a ims game Expert coer here
Yay Yankees. Bye jeter.
You need to come back and fix Text Battles. It's got a broken link. That would be so awesome.
Did you ever come back?
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