So guise, we are all color blind.



It just really clicked today. I was like...WOAH.
I'm not sure I follow, but I *think* you mean that since shades of grey (all 50 of them, even!) are made of the three primary colors of light in a balance, yet we perceive that combination to be more-or-less void of what we'd call "color", then we're technically not really "seeing" the colors that are actually present in grey?

If so, I guess that sort of makes sense. The cones in our eye and/or the vision processing center in our brain are incapable of discerning the components of grey "light".
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Yup. Gray is just a mix of the colors that we can't see. We can distinguish how bright or dark it is, but we cannot see the color. So humans accepted this and just decided to call it grey. Grey is essentially a blind spot that all humans have.
Gray or grey. Make up your mind! I vote for gray.
Technically, all color is an illusion. It's just varied levels of light interpreted by your brain to paint a purdy picture. In reality, everything we see is just the existence or absence of light and how said light interacts with stuff.
In all honesty we could switch colors all around the spectrum and no one would know the better.
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You mean basically renaming the colors? If so, then of course. In another time, red may have been called green and vice versa. I don't think the name is the issue when it comes to color, though.
I think he's more talking about how we actually see color than what the names are. If our eyes perceived gray the way we currently perceive red, and if red were perceived the way we currently see gray, we wouldn't know any better. In that way, it's all an illusion. Whatever our eyes perceive as color, is color.
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Giving it an explanation instead of doing the what-if game is so much more interesting to me.
I'm sexy and I know it.
Everyones eye are slightly different, and someone could see a red more "green" than you and while both of you agree it's red you'll never be able to discuss the discrepancy or even realize it.
That moment when people in your class find out your color-blind and start asking "What color is that...and what color is that?"

It'd suck if our eyes didn't blend colors together.

Except it wouldn't, because it'd be normal.

But if all of a sudden our eyes stopped doing that, it would suck.