Not Feasible
Applies to:BYOND Pager
Status: Not Feasible

Implementing this feature is not possible now or in the foreseeable future
I wanted to know if just BYOND pager could be a mobile app. This way developers and others can keep in touch when not at home. I know you can login to the site ony your mobile device, but you need to keep refreshing and do not even know when the other person has replied. Thanks for reading, please try adding this
I Read the Posting Guidelines, But I Think this falls outside of that just slightly, I was thinking, the pager supports messaging more than ever taking seconds rather than a minute or two to get a message from you to the other person, so I was wondering if the pager's messaging function and alert function could be ported into an Android app?
I would love to be able to contact people that are on my pager on the go, not everyone has a facebook, not everyone wants to give there phone numbers to a person they have never met, so a Mobile pager like app would help a lot.
In response to Jadox
Still, it is better for BYOND players to have a messanger
Teamspeak or Skype.
But like this we can get people on BYOND more frequently
and it can grow also as a messenger app and people can discover BYOND
Try using Skype.
Nadrew resolved issue (Not Feasible)
BYOND isn't really into the whole mobile app thing, the developers are best focused on the website and actual software, man-power is very limited.
Hi, my request is that the Byond Pager gets a Messenger app for the iPhone, Galaxy, Android etc. Here's how it'll work.

You'll be able to send messages to your Byond friends via the Pager App. The app would benefit those who don't have a Facebook, Skype or any other social media.