World Piece Online[Pt-Br / English NA]

by Jkkkg
World Piece Online[Pt-Br / English NA]
Melhor jogo de Piratas! / Best Pirate Game

O que está esperando pra logar, senpai? / What are you waiting to join us, senpai?

  • Por que eu deveria entrar no game? / Why should I join the game?

  • Servidor dedicado, focado somente na sua diversão! / Dedicated server, focused only in your fun!
  • Staff Séria! / Serious Staff members!
  • Servidor 24/7 / Server 24/7
  • Sistemas fieis ao anime! / System true to the anime!
  • Sistema de Rank! / Rank System!

Get this game in english it can go far, too the first page it can go!!!!
Quando ele fica online novamente?
In response to MTxSINAIx7
there is an english opition now :D
THIS game is Awesome I recommend any one piece lover to play it. One of the best 1 piece games u wills ever find!!!

hello again sir do u remember when i told u this game would go far and its even on the first page congrats u have the best one piece game on byond......*claps hands*
Is the play game link not working?
Today the server will not let me connect, there is some problem with the connection? maybe able to restart it? thank you
Naruto pvp action game based off the hit Naruto Izou game.
Join us at or Come join in. byond://
Quando que vai ficar on de novo?