So I'm trying to win this contest. You have a template to make a comic with, its only 4 blocks.

This is a rough draft, and I'm trying to get some feedback on it. Obviously it is a comic and should be humorous, but it has to be League of Legends-related so unless you are a player you probably won't understand this.

Pardon my terrible handwriting.

The title is: "Pentakill".

Any C&C regarding the content and the work itself (Obviously it is a WIP, but critiquing the content of the boxes and other possible things that could make better sense in them is fine)?
Did the lineart for the first panel and started coloring Nidalee.

Closer view:
Haha, this reminds me of when they first started with the contest and I submitted this: comic_text.png

BTW.. What trinket is being shown?
In response to Akto
The blue trinket, in the second frame.