Ninja Origins

by Edit Nero
Ninja Origins
Everyone has an origin, where does yours begin?

New Source!


  • 4+ Characters with new ones added each update!
  • Unique Systems!
  • Fast paced gameplay!
  • Balanced and fair play!
  • And much more!

Ninja Origins

"Everyone has an origin, where does yours begin?"
Jump into a ninja based platform, where you get to be your favorite characters like Naruto Uzumaki , Sasuke Uchiha, Yondaime or the 'evil' Uchiha, Madara!




Ninja Origins is not affiliated with Naruto, Shonen Jump, or any subsidiaries. All rights belong to them.

I might be being a little presumptuous but I think you should also credit Orange55, not to be rude or anything.
In response to WeabooGamesInc
I happen to stumble upon this,and agree with what you said too.
In response to WeabooGamesInc
I did credit him in-game, but I guess I should do the same on the Hub huh. I'll fix that real quick!
In response to Deadlypure
Good luck indeed i really did like oranges version it was the most balancd combat on byond in terms of naruto sidescrollers hands down no where else can u beat an itachi with amataretsu using genuine skilled fighting with any chara on the roster I look forward to it my weaboo overflows in anticipation.
In response to WeabooGamesInc
Thanks! Good luck on yours as well.

This is a good game.
if this game still on I can host
I worked with Orange on this game. So much potential. Hope to see some updates!