This is my first time trying to make and I'm failing horribly. Pretty much im just trying to make a system so that when you call it there is a vote if there should be a reboot or not. If majority says yes the server reboots.
When a player clicks the vote reboot verb, make it check to see if there's a current check in place. If there is make the total people voted += 1. If there is no check on, make it calculate how many players are online, then make it so that the total divided by 2 plus 1 need to vote for the game to actually reboot (One more then half).

if the voting is on
add one to the votes
if the votes is higher or equal to the total votes needed
reboot the world
if the voting is off
check to see how many people are online
check to see if they're players or npcs
add 1 for each player online
make the is voting var not null
make the total votes needed equal half the people online plus one more.
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Thanks, i believe this will help me alot. ^_^