Naruto: Hatred Unleashed v4

by Dark Dementor
Hatred is an "NFF Rip". It has more updates, but fixes, events, and more that NFF Doesnt.
Hatred is more than a RIP, its a upcoming game. The game along with its developers, Dark Dementor and Contra.Lord, are constantly updating and addign things one after another, soon the game will become more than anyone ever thought it would.
Is anyone else on permanent black screen right now or is it just me?
i have the black screen too..
Sorry about that guys, should be fixed.
i was in the middle of playing and it said lost connection...
it will start up in 10secons, and it never did

Hello, i've been searching the NFF rip for a server in spanish and I tried to talk with others having the rip and not respond, then Can you give me the rip please?
Will the game ever come back on ;_;
I don't know why but I can't connect to this game in particular.