Yo, what's up everyone? Sorry I haven't updated in ages but with school going on - I've been getting myself into a lot of trouble! Anywho, school finished a week ago from now and on Sunday was my birthday (Forgot to post, was having too much fun :P). So yeah, put it in your diaries for next year - 23rd July, the date a legend was born...

Most of my presents seem to be missing though. I get 200 from my parents tho ($340 approx.) for a phone and I also have a laptop awaiting me abroad from my dad (he lives abroad since he works there). I'm also getting the luxury PS3 when it's released as a birthday present from my uncle!!!

Well, I'll be giving you more entertainment soon enough. Here's a few of my favourite quotes:

No one dies a virgin - life screws you over.

Sex is like a game - boys do the action, girls take the blame. They say you're pretty, they say you're fine - 9 months later, they say it's not mine!

If hell froze over, it'd be a cool place to ice skate.
Technically, if hell froze over, you'd be smashing into frozen flames, :P