I want my games interface to be dark, and I've managed to find a look I like so far. The only problem is, I can't seem to change the colours of the statusbar, menubar or even the child separator.

The first two aren't really a problem, because they can be disabled without any real loss (They'd be nice to have though). It's the child separator bar that bothers me, because I can't find anywhere to change its colour, or remove it.

Just in case I'm not making much sense, I've uploaded a screenshot.

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I don't think it's possible to change the separator or the status bar. I have been fiddling around with it and I haven't seen any options to change the color of the separator or the status bar.
I do believe you can remove any "separator bars" by removing its border aka setting it to none im not to sure of what your attempting to do but iv yet to find a box in the new layout that you cant remove the border just by going under the general tab of the edit when you right click an edit one of the boxs.

Also I know for a fact you cant edit or change the color of the borders. o.O Yet... I hope they will allow you to soon enough as for the menu an status bar part you cant chagne the color but you can remove them if you like :P
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I don't have any borders enables except for on my buttons or input box.
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Smoko wrote:
I don't have any borders enables except for on my buttons or input box.
o.o Well the only other thing I can think of is move the two closer together because when I was playing around with it I had the map output an input all hug up to one another an set them all the same color an it was one huge black screen until u typed something etc. o.o You might have a gap in between if not try changing the background of the main window to black seeing as thats the color you are using. *just an idea*
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Select the two features (select one, hold down control and select the other) then go to Layout->Join Left and Right Edges
that MIGHT work, depending on how you have the screen set up.

And I must say... being able to change the colour of the status bar and menu bar would be a nifty feature that I hope they add soon...
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How can I do that? I'm using child boxes to structure my window, and putting panes inside them.
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Ok I dont know lol I didnt use child never needed to. *shrugs* If you just keep the things anchor to the top or lower corners they work fine when you resize them xD