Vector Movement

by Zecronious
Upgraded pixel movement, allowing movement like in the real world. Super smooth.
Not a bug
BYOND Version:507
Operating System:Windows 7 Ultimate
Web Browser:Chrome 41.0.2251.0
Applies to:Obviously this program
Status: Not a bug

This is not a bug. It may be an incorrect use of syntax or a limitation in the software. For further discussion on the matter, please consult the BYOND forums.
Descriptive Problem Summary:
Turn on gravity and hold Up + Left/Right. The player will hover instead of acceding and going in the intended direction.
This is actually the intended behaviour. There's not enough force being exerted upwards to keep you from falling.

You have to change those values for yourself. This is just a demo of how forces are applied, not a sidescroller demo.

I might at some point make a side scroller demo using this.
Oh okay, I wasn't completely sure if it was intended or not, it is a great lib though. Nice work!
Zecronious resolved issue (Not a bug)