Hey guys, I drew Jinx from League of Legends!

I am really liking this style, it is a ton of fun to create with.

I'm really enjoying doing concept art, and I'm hoping to start doing commissions in the near future.
Needs at least more contrast. Also, that's not concept art. That's fan art.
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I wasn't calling this concept art, I was calling other work that I'm doing at the moment concept art.

Would you mind elaborating on the contrast a bit?
Oh, oops. lol.

Concept would be I'm doing 5 different designs of a race car, or 5 different designs of a set of plate mail, or 5 different designs of hair, or five different designs for space ships. You'd have them lined up next to one another, and they may not be completed all the way through. You might just have a silhouette, or lines, or grey-scale.

Fan Art is taking an existing character(For example, batman, ironman, superman, megaman etc.) and doing an illustration or portrait of them, or maybe you're breaking down their shapes for your own understanding. Or rather, then that would probably be a study and not fan art.
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I wasn't asking what concept art is, I know what it is.

I was not calling this piece concept art, I was saying that I am doing concept art and am enjoying it.

What I asked was for you to elaborate on what you were referring to when you suggested more contrast.

Make the darks darker, and the lights lighter. Make the numbers for the values/shadows/lightness/anything-to-do-with-light wider. Not with a straight white and black, but more contrast. The form of the character isn't strong. You need to reference anatomy or do anatomy, lighting, and form studies to get the characters down better.

I tweaked it a little bit, really fast.

Upped the contrast.
 photo jinx_by_albro1-d8eahao2_zps43307568.jpg

I shifted the colors.
 photo jinx_by_albro1-d8eahaopng_zpsd4e8722b.jpg
Thanks for the tips, and trust me, I've done a lot of anatomy practices and continue to do them regularly. It is my stylistic choice, however, to stray away from the anatomically correct body shape in some cases.

This definitely isn't perfect, and I know it is flawed. Just wanted to point out that I wasn't going for an anatomically perfect figure here. I feel like this was mostly a coloring study for me, as I tried out some new brushes and strokes with it. But yeah. lol thanks again