Hey guys, here's my latest creation! This took about 2 1/2 - 3 hours. Min-Jian-Hellstrom-508683180

I am having a lot of fun improving with this style. :)

Also, I'm testing the waters with the idea of creating a Patreon. If I set one up, would anyone here be interested in being a patron? It would help me upgrade my ratty equipment and get better quality art out for everyone, plus whatever other bonuses I jump for. :)

what is a patreon?
Patreon is essentially a form of crowd-funding that is more reliable than things like Kickstarter.

Instead of donating a sum of money to a project that isn't completed yet (And not having any guarantee that the project will be completed), Patreon lets you pledge to donate any amount of money to a creator whenever they create something new.

Patreon is used by many people, from artists to Youtube creators to writers, but of course mine is for artistry.

It is a nice way to let people keep doing these things that they love. Doing these for free becomes a little hard after a certain point. haha

You can check out my Patreon page here!
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I'm sorry if this offends you, your goals and page aren't very interesting.. It honestly just looks like you want money for a new computer while you post your hobby drawings..

Again didn't mean to offend, just comes off that way..
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I wouldn't call them hobby drawings, but a new computer is definitely one of my goals. I have to start somewhere, and build up from there.

I understand if they don't interest you. If you don't like it, you don't have to support me.

My hopes are to build up my portfolio and skill as much as possible to help secure a job, and making money from it will allow me to commit even more time to doing it.
Doing these for free becomes a little hard after a certain point.

Your not making them for anyone but yourself though, as you stated below.......

My hopes are to build up my portfolio and skill as much as possible to help secure a job
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I do make some for other people, specifically commissions. I also intend to make pieces for patrons, as it says on the page.

My point is that I'm still a college student, and I need to make money. At the end of the day, being able to make money doing what I love to do will make it even easier to commit more time to doing it (rather than having to sacrifice time at a local minimum-wage job).

I can make pieces for others and build my portfolio at the same time, so long as they are fine with me using the piece in my portfolio. Most are, it seems.
You're not going to get anywhere, you may get a few pity pledges but honestly you need to sell it more.

I don't want to pledge so you can buy a new computer.. I want to pledge for a good cause or even goodies (proper) goodies not an image.

You have no incentive for people to actually pledge..

These things aren't supposed to be about you and want you want they're suppose to appeal to me, you know the one giving you my hard earned money..
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Take a look at the bottom of the page, where the "Patron Rewards" are.

If it was up to me, that section would be higher on the page. It is understandable that you missed it. :)

Also, to be fair, at the end of the day, this is crowd-funding. People on Patreon pledge to artists because they enjoy the work they put out and want to help support them in creating more, and get access to Patron-only features.

I'm not expecting much, if any at all, but I would rather try this out and not get anything than not do it and never know, you know? :)