by Edit Nero
Where does your journey begin?

-New Armor drops, Bronze, Chain, Mythril, Plate, Diamond, Onyx, Bezerk, and Seerer Armor. Boosts Defense.
-Helm drops, Leather, Bronze, Iron, Barbuta, Mythril, Gold, Platinum, Crystal , and Grand Helm. Boosts Magic Resistance.
-Scores, name, level, kills, and deaths.
-Potion Seller NPC, has small, medium, and large HP/MP Potions for sell.
-K in Kalero's banner as mouse pointer.
-New portion of the map has opened.

-Delete Game, you can now actually delete your save.
-Load game working even with no save file.
-Strike for Warriors now have a flick() state.
-When using Projectiles, the user now has a flick() state.

-Removed Rest.
-OOC color is now Purple.
-Party Chat color is now Blue.
-Bank, Storage, and Potion Seller/Owner now have clothes.
-Double click to talk to, Potion Seller, Storage, and Bank owner.

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Notes: The medal effect will be changed to be a original design, it's currently being worked on. There will be a testing prior to this update log.
So uh... If you ever need help with a problem and don't want to be threatened because of a meaningless hub credit, hit me up. Cheers.
Nero bro. Is clerics going to get a powerful heal?
In response to Ghost of ET
The heal scales by intelligence.
would be awesome if instead of a heal it gave the person a regen that the length and the regen per second is dependent on int.
looking good nero!
In response to DanteVFenris
Yo, how many states does the base have? And what kind of states. Do you plan on getting more?
In response to Redisec
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I do plan on more but I can't do them myself, why?
Oh I see, it's very efficient with only a few bases that truly matter. As to why, I have taken a little interest in the game; you could say I am curious. What kind of bases are you out after?
In response to Redisec
Redisec wrote:
What kind of bases are you out after?

Do you mean states or a new base?
States! As in Run, Guard, Slash e.t.c. If you have an even better base that's also interesting!
In response to Redisec
At the moment a mount state is of use.
Oh wow! You plan on having mounts? That's pretty cool...
Probably should get that done before any clothing --going back to edit could be annoying-- but it works eitherway.

When is the next test? If it's interesting I might pitch in something.
In response to Redisec
Uh, I have no set date. I've been busy on other projects.